Teardrop a Day

Song by Massive Attack

written by Robert Del Naja, Grantley Marshall, Andrew Vowles, Elizabeth Fraser

First recorded in 1997

Teardrop has been re-recorded, rearranged, and remixed by countless singers and musicians.

Though Teardrop is published with all rights reserved, versions of Teardrop have been recorded and shared by hundreds.

New videos of Teardrop are uploaded onto the internet everyday.

This tumblr is a collection of the many versions of Teardrop.

A Teardrop a day

Teardrop - Acoustic Bass              absurdcus

Teardrop - Ray Scully                         PhilterA1

Teardrop - Blurry - Massive Attack/Puddle of Mudd Acoustic Mashup - Amaze Akustik                   AmazeAkustik

Teardrop - Amy                   doodlebugamy

Teardrop - Ukulele Cover         bridget3739

Teardrop - Spring Sharper Quartet           fiddleink

Teardrop - Soon H.K.                            Soon H. K.

Teardrop - José González - Martin Waslewski Remix          somepolyphony

Teardrop - For the Tenors              ForTheTenors